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以下的資料可為您解答一些常見的問題。仍有疑問? 歡迎與我們聯絡。
How does time attendance system reduce labour expenses?
By applying our time attendance system, it will collect, organize, and analyze data automatically. Every data will be collected right at the verification make. It is easier for HR to access needed information and generate report.
How can I retrieve attendance logs from the device?
There is two type of device.

For standalone device, you can download logs and reports by USB Drive.
For network device, you can download logs and reports from the software or application.
All file will be generated as Excel format and only the authorized user can get the data and information.

Why can't I punch in with my registered finger?
Retry after wetting your finger with a sponge damper pad. If the problem persists, contact your administrator on the device, then delete or re-register into the existing record. In practice, we recommend having two to three fingerprints registered for redundancy.
Why is my device encountering Connection Lost/ Failed registration/ Time synchronization problems/ Device fail to charge/ No sound notifications?
Contact your dealer for maintenance, do not attempt to repair on your own.
Why can't I export data from the device?

For network connected devices, please check the internet connection.
For standalone devices, please check if the file system of USB drive is FAT32.

In case of a power failure, what will happen to the device?
In case of a power failure, what will happen to the device? Some of the device is equipped with backup battery to prepare for any power failure case.
Can the biometrics images be duplicated?
No. Every biometrics template will be converted into encrypted data by our algorithm. The template obtained from other source will not be recognized as life template is needed for verification.
Can the data or information be easily deleted by others?
For the device, the setting menu can only access by system administrator.
For the software, it is protected by an admin account and password.
All data or information can only be adjusted or deleted by the system administrator.
Can I adjust the security level of the device?
Yes, you can adjust the security level by selecting different verification method combination.
Does the system support multiple offices / work locations?

Yes. By using our time attendance system, the software allows adding multiple devices at different locations. The system administrator can manage every data and information from each location through our attendance software.

Does the device support multiple employee shift?

Yes. The admin can create and edit various employee shift by software.

How can I get demo of your attendance system?
How can I get demo of your attendance system?Please contact us for more detail.